Featured artists / animators:

Adam Elliot:

Adam Elliot is an Australian stop-motion animation writer, director and producer based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Mikey Hill:

My aim is to create high-quality films; bringing to life stories of human fragility, foibles and the relationships we forge with the world and those around us.

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Eddie White:

I would describe myself as an artist or creative addict in some way or another, as long as  I can remember.

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Bernard Derriman:

Bernard Derriman is an animation director born and raised in Australia. He began his career in animation at Walt Disney Studios in Sydney. He was an animator there until 2006, working on both television series and films.

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Ex-Poser Toons:

“Super fun happy time.”

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Sexual lobster:

Where cartoons go to die.

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Damon Gameau:

Father, film maker (@2040film , That Sugar Film @thatsugarmovement ), author, recovering workaholic. ‘Australian of the Year’ nominee NSW 2020.

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Peter Lowey:

I’m a 2D Animator based in London.

I’m influenced by the traditional principles of 1940s-50s Disney animation.  My work is traditional 2D animation drawn digitally.

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No signal:

“AKA Chris Guy AKA alienslushie.”

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Peter Valkeme aka “Vlaktemaat”:


Robert Stephenson:

“It is probably most accurate to say the animation and cartooning work I have done is personal and eclectic, but you can use your own adjectives.”


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Nicholas Kallincos:

Freelance animator, artist, teacher and occasional player of Backgammon.

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Jonathan Nix:

Freelance animator, designer, Editor, Compositor composer, idiot

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Marieka Walsh:

Marieka has a daughter and two chickens and wishes she had a better photo of herself where she isn’t smiling in such an extreme way. She enjoys collaborating on projects with meaning, intention and humanity (the broken kind included).ustralia.”

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Dik Jarman:

Architecturally trained film maker, place maker, educator and advocate for change not calm.

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The Chappy Boys:

Daily cartoons and content from The Chappy Boys. Instagram: @chappyboys YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCaf7-

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Glen Hunwick:


Glen Art Productions is internationally recognised for it’s multi-award winning animation for the film and advertising industries.

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Elliot Cowan:

Elliot Cowan is an award winning animator, writer, artist and educator.

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Emma Brennan aka Scribe_less:

I’m Em, and I’m a Sydney based graduate storyboard artist, animator and illustrator.

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Daniel Elliott aka “Gerkinman” aka “Visitors from dreams”


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Bruce Currie:

I now primarily design and animate educational content.

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Jayo Stenz:

Your friendly Aussie cartoonist. Jayo Stenz is a freelance illustrator and 2D animator based in SE Queensland, Australia.


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Matteo aka Eat Carumbah:

I like long walks on the beach, turning photographs into fine art, and my animated show is very good. 🍻

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Detective Chudley:

I animate for fun, all original Aussie content. Melbourne, Australia.

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Julen Goñi:

I’m a 2019 Griffith Film School Bachlor of Animation with Distinction graduate based in Brisbane, Australia, passionate about the field of animation! I mainly work in directing, storyboarding and 2D animation.

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Darcy Prendergast:

Occasional squiggler, sculptor & director of filmy things over at @oh_yeah_wow ohyeahwow.com

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Sam Morrison aka Wab_Logic:

— Gently Disturbed Art and Animations —

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Sara + Rosemary:

‘GNT’ was inspired by real conversations between young women, and the lengths we will go to, in order to validate our most vulgar curiosities and insecurities.

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Savva Tsekmes:

Savva is a Melbourne based 3D designer/Generalist.

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Annie Murray aka Bigger Picture Animation:


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“I’m a Melbourne based indie animator making frame-by-frame animated slapstick comedy for an adult audience. Currently in the process of making an animated web series.”

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This animation represents an older work and is not indicative of the animators current skill level / work.


Offensively insightful…


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Reid McManus:

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Jonny Dollars Animations:

Weekly animated shorts.”

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Sophie Ash:

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Steven Harris:

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Nathan Robinson aka NayRob aka The world is ending and I’m late for work:

3D Horror Animator – Melbourne – Sub-Surface Connoisseur. Business Enquiries – nathrobinson77@gmail.com

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Atticus Gough:

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Peter Allen:

An active short filmmaker/animator I have contributed to the production of many shorts in various capacities as well as working as a vfx artist on TVCs, music videos and feature film.

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Braeden Kennedy aka Bak Animations:

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Dappled Productions:

“Indie media arts productions based in Sydney, Australia.”

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