Ozzy Animation festivals:

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(in alphebetical order)


Australian Effects and Animation Festival


AEAF is a celebration of VFX and Animation Games and Immersive media. AEAF includes a speaker program and awards evening and technology showcase. AEAF’s speakers include VFX Supervisors, Animation and Creative Directors, who will enlighten the industry with new, creative approaches to their work and insights into the projects they have contributed to. – https://aeaf.tv/


Australian International Animation Festival


Our ethos is to bring incredible, diverse, inspiring, quality animation to as wide an audience as possible by presenting a true snapshot of the international animation scene on the big screen in humble Wagga Wagga. Our reward is attracting passionate animation enthusiasts in the undoubtedly one of the most relaxed and informal animation festivals you’ll find anywhere.

AniMate –

Australian Animation Film Festival


Australia’s Home of World Animation. AniMate is an International Animation Film Festival and a growing community of animation lovers, students, professionals and film makers.


Melbourne International Animation Festival


One of the largest animation festivals of its kind in the world. The festival usually screens around 350-400 films each year in competitive, student, curated & retrospective programs. MIAF generates a smaller touring festival called the Australian International Animation Festival, is the submissions base for the UTS Sydney International Animation Festival and the London International Animation Festival, and also provides specific programming advice to the New Zealand Film Festival.https://festagent.com/en/festivals/miaf