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Adam Elliot (born 2 January 1972) is an Australian stop-motion animation writer, director and producer based in Melbourne, Australia. His five films have collectively participated in over seven hundred film festivals and have received over one hundred awards, including an Academy Award for Harvie Krumpet and five Annecy Cristals. Elliot calls himself an auteur filmmaker and each of his films have a bittersweet nature to them. Read more here.

Adam Phillips aka “Chluaid”


Adam Phillips, also known by his online alias Chluaid (pronounced ‘Clyde’), is an Australian filmmaker, animator, and former freelancer. He is best known for his animation work, consisting of flash animation compositions published on his website, Bitey Castle, and on the flash portal Newgrounds. His animation work on the latter has over 16 million views, making him one of the most-viewed artists on the site. Phillips created the fantasy animation shorts series, Brackenwood. Read more here.

Aggelos Papantoniou @ Gibbon Animation


Gibbon is an animation studio based in Melbourne, Australia.
We love GOOD animation and are fuelled by a desire to make every project better than the last.

Andrew Bowler


I’m a 2D animation director and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia, and have been working with a range of different studios in Melbourne on TV productions, music videos, apps, and advertising. I love character animation and simple, fun design.
Available for freelance work. Read more here.

Fyfe is best known for his role as the cartoonist on Australia’s longest running variety show, Hey Hey It’s Saturday. He performed this role from 1985, while still a teenager, until the show’s run ended in 1999. He returned for the show’s 2009 reunion specials, as well as the show’s return in 2010. In 1992-93 he hosted his own children’s game show Guess What? Andrew’s work was also seen on Network Nine’s The Footy Show between 1994 and 2004. His political satiric animation has also appeared on A Current Affair. Read more here.

Animunch is a new face to Melbourne animation, prodividing both client services and original content. It’s comprised of Animation Director Alexander Hilson & Character Animator Scott Franceschini.

Anne Jolliffe

No website available 😦

Anne Jolliffe (born in 1933) is the first Australian woman animator. She is best known for her work on the film Yellow Submarine (1967–68) and the 48th Academy Award winning Great! (1975). Despite having no tertiary training in animation and encountering frequent gender-role opposition in the industry, she still loved working in it and continued to pursue the profession. Read more here.

Annie Murray is an animated film director and creator. Her pieces draw strongly from autobiographical experiences with themes scrutinising mental health whilst delivering humour with heart. Body horror is often used as comedic device alongside an irreverent and absurdist aesthetic. She plans to keep making films that disappoint her mum for as long as she can. She was hatched from an egg on Uranus and there is nothing else remotely interesting about her. Please feel free to contact her for further information. Learn more here.

Artspear Entertainment


ArtSpear Entertainment is an independent production company located in Brisbane, Australia. It was formed in early 2010 by Rita Artmann and Joe Bauer. Since then, the company has produced two award-winning feature films – slasher The Killage and sci-fi Australiens, comedy web series The Void, animated YouTube series Toon Sandwich and a variety of short films. Read more here.

Atticus Gough:

Explore Atticus Gough

Atticus is Sydney based 3D animator, cartoonist, and all-round animation enthusiast. He’s a big fan of stripes and hands-on mixed media projects. He’s gotten to work on Vivid projects, a yet to be released Netflix series, and a handful of short films. Check out his work here.

Benjamin Sterne aka Fully Skits:


“I am a mad man, I’m from brisbane, and I am the creator of the ‘Fully Skits’ series, a random collection of unrelated comedy sketches” See more here.

Bernard Derriman is an animation director born and raised in Australia. He began his career in animation at Walt Disney Studios in Sydney. He was an animator there until 2006, working on both television series and films. Derriman directed an animated short based on the movie Chopper, which won Best Comedy Award at the 2001 Tropfest Short Film Festival. Derriman went on to co-create the animated series “Arj and Poopy”, with US comedian Arj Barker. Read more here.

Braeden Kennedy aka Bak Animations:

In July 2016, I established my own animation studio, and have fully completed animated projects for several clients from independent film production companies all based here in Melbourne.

BAK-Animations has a strong work ethic for completing projects on time, a great rapport with clients, and it continues to explore, challenge and create a unique style of animation for the world to see. Read more here.

Bruce Currie

Bruce Currie has been working as an animator for over thirty years – drawing on a broad range of animation techniques – specializing as a character animator across the animation industry. See more here.

Bruce Petty

No website available 😦

Bruce Petty born 1929 at Doncaster, a suburb of Melbourne, is one of Australia’s best known political satirists and cartoonists. He is a regular contributor to Melbourne’s The Age newspaper. His intricate images have been described as “doodle-bombs” for their free-association of links between various ideas, people and institutions. Age journalist Martin Flanagan wrote that Petty “re-invented the world as a vast scribbly machine with interlocking cogs and levers that connected people in wholly logical but unlikely ways.” Read more here.

Chris Cuddington

No website available 😦

Chris Cuddington is an Australian animation director who worked at Hanna-Barbera Australia studios in Sydney during the 1970s and 1980s. At Hanna-Barbera (Australia), he was Animation Director for the following TV series:

Clue Club (1976), The Robonic Stooges (1977), Wonder Wheels (1977), The All New Popeye Hour (1978), Dinky Dog (1978), Drak Pack (1980), The Kwicky Koala Show (1981),

Previously in 1972, he was the storyboard artist of Around the World in 80 Days.

Read more here.

Chris Guy aka “No Signal” aka “alienslushie”


Chris Guy is a freelance animator based in Adelaide, SA.

Chris Voigt aka “Greasy Tales” aka “Sexual Lobster”


Sexual Lobster is the Web’s tantalizing adult-themed animator Chris Voigt from a secret location in Australia. He is a freelance animator with a Bachelor of Animation since 2009. Chris’ handle Sexual Lobster is well-known on the Web and YouTube if you can get past their 18+ filter to watch his Venture Bros. and Dragonball Z influenced mature cartoons if you are ready to become a real man/woman.

Read more here.

I’m an animator, illustrator and improviser based in Melbourne Australia.
I mainly focus on 2D animation, always aiming to add some visual comedy to whatever I’m working on.
Read more here.

Damon Gameau is an Australian film director, producer, author and activist. He wrote, directed and performed the vocals for Animal Beatbox, which won Tropfest in 2011 and has played at over 25 international film festivals. In 2015, he released his debut feature documentary That Sugar Film, which became the highest grossing Australian documentary of all time, has been released in over 25 territories and picked up a host of awards around the world. Read more here.

Daniel Elliott aka “Gerkinman” aka “Visitors from dreams”



Daniel Elliott is an Australian Animator and Film Maker with over 16 years of industry experience in the fields of Online Marketing, Television, Short Film, Music Video Production and Independent Game Development on a state, national and international level. Read more here.

Darcy Prendergast


@AACTA nominated director, squiggler, sculptor. Founded @OHYEAHWOW Liked it. Kept it. See more here.

Darcy Woodbridge


I’m Darcy Woodbridge, a freelance 2d animator that loves to draw and bring characters to life! I have 5 years professional experience working on feature film, television, music videos and everything in between. Read and see more here.

Dave Carter is an animator-director who works in stopframe animation (paper cutouts and clay) and 2D (Flash, Photoshop and After Effects). Daveʼs filmography as director for series include Billy and the Bitch (commissioned by Mondo Media), Psychotown (commissioned by Mike Judge for the touring theatrical animation showcase The Animation Show), a pilot titled Sock Me Off for Blue Ant Media, a pilot series for ABCʼs ʻFresh Bloodʼ titled Bin Chickens, and currently Psychotown (series II) for the FX network. Read more here.

Dennis Tupicoff



Dennis Tupicoff writer director animator producer
After graduating from Queensland University, Dennis worked as an archivist and teacher before making his first film in 1976. He has made many award-winning films as writer, director, producer,
and animator. Read more here.

Hi, I’m Devon. I’m a designer and animator. I work on TV shows, short films, music videos, and marketing campaigns. See more here.

Dik is an Australian lecturer and researcher with over twenty years experience in architectural practice and professional film making. He is currently Assistant Professor heading a vertical Year 5/6 Design Studio and Module Convenor for the First Year subject People Buildings Landscape. Read more here.

My name is Dru Shaw and I am a cartoon Animator. I grewup in the small country town of Kyabram and ever since Ican remember I have been obsessed with cartoons andcomics. There is a special kind of magic that comes fromanimation and the art of telling stories through pictures. Read more here.

Edward Alexander White (born 9 October 1981), known as Eddie White, is an Australian writer/director and co-founder of The People’s Republic Of Animation. White won an Australian Film Institute (AFI) Award for Short Animation for The Cat Piano (2009). The film was also shortlisted for an Academy Award for Best Short Animated Film in 2010.

Read more here.

Elliot Cowan is an award winning animator, writer, artist and educator. He was born in Melbourne, Australia where he attended the Independent College of Art and Design and followed that up with a further post grad year at the Victorian College of the Arts. He spent nearly 11 years in Tasmania writing, directing and editing low budget television commercials. Read more here.

Emma Brennan aka Scribe_less:


Emma Brennan is a graduate storyboard artist, concept artist, illustrator and animator who currently resides in Sydney, Australia. Emma has graduated from the University of Technology Sydney: Bachelor of Design in Animation, and has recently completed the Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Animation. Emma’s work spans different style genres and mediums. They are passionate about relatable characters and their bizarre stories. Emma’s goal is to tell sympathetic and emotive stories through their work. Emma’s work is multi-disciplinary, including storyboarding, illustration, character design, 2D animation, animation, sound design and video editing. Please contact Emma here for their CV or even just a chat.

Erika Wu aka B.Ninja aka The snazziest waffle



Yo, I’m Erika Wu, digital artist,  animator and not-so-secret ninja. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and enjoy making art and playing video games. See more here.

Ex-Poser Toons

“Can anyone else hear that intense ringing?”

Super happy fun time! See more here.

Felix Colgrave (born 29 November 1992) is an Australian director, animator, cartoonist, filmmaker, artist and musician. Distribution of Colgrave’s work has, to date, been focused on YouTube where his channel has 1.43 million subscribers. Colgrave mainly uses After Effects for his animations. As of now, his most popular animation is Double King with over 51 million views. Read more here.

Hello! I’m Franki Furnell, an enthusiastic and motivated artist from Sydney, Australia. In 2019 I graduated from the University of Technology Sydney, with a Bachelor of Design in Animation (Honours). Storytelling is how I’ve naturally expressed myself since childhood, and my inspiration is fuelled by the endless possibilities of animation. My ultimate goal is to make people feel visible, amused, and less alone through my work! Read more here.

“Apart from working on a very big (and secretive) project recently, I also lecture at Swinburne Uni in the animation department including ‘Writing and Directing’, ‘Acting for Animation’, ‘Stop Motion’, etc”.

Glen Art Productions is internationally recognised for it’s multi-award winning animation for film and TV advertising. Read more here.

Greg Holfeld aka Panic Productions


Greg Holfeld began his career in his native Canada, working up the ladder on various television animation projects in studios from Vancouver to Montreal before a crazy-brave stab at a Tokyo manga career eventually took him to Adelaide, South Australia. (A long story.) Read more here.


Cartoons and comics, slowly baked.

Tyson Meaney & Sam Johnson

Cartoons and comics, slowly baked. See more here.

I am an artist and animator. I make installations, films, music videos, commercials and whatever else comes along. I aim to do projects that are out of the ordinary, creative and fun. Read more here.

Ivan has ten years in the animation industry and has produced content for a variety of clients including music videos for Childish Gambino and Gotye, series work for Cartoon Network, idents for [adult swim], 2D segments for Fallout 4 and Wolfenstein 2 and recently an adult series for WB/ABC called Ginger Snaps. Read more here.

Jac Poole is an illustrator, graphic designer, comic artist, animator & screen printer based in Geelong (AUS) currently working at 12 Field animation in Melbourne as Design Co-Ordinator (and Production Designer) on Season 1 of The Strange Chores (a Ludo Studio Productions for ABC ME). Read more here.

Jack Parry Animation Studios is a full service animation production studio specialising in the creation of accessible visualisations of complex ideas. We are based in Melbourne in Australia. Read more here.

I am an Animation & Media student from Melbourne, Australia. Read more here.

James Hackett aka Studio Hackett


James Hackett has over 15 years professional experience in animation design illustration and production. He gained experience working on animated commercials and music videos in London. Since returning to Sydney he’s worked on several programs for the ABC and expanded his repertoire to include live action production. Since launching Hackett Films in 2003, James has directed numerous award winning music videos, program titles and commercials. Read more here.

James Lee aka “Nox”


James Lee (born August 2), also known as James Lee Animation or Nox, is an Australian YouTuber, animator, artist, actor, and director. He is known for making dark, comedic videos on stuff like pop culture and world issues. He started making animations in 2007 with his first video, ROLLER COASTER JUNKIE. He became more popular with his animated short, “Tarboy” in 2009 which gained over 4.8 million views. James Lee has been hugely successful on Youtube, gaining recognition from multiple YouTubers. He’s also acted as himself in several of his videos, mostly dealing social or economic issues. Such as his series, “Court of Public Opinion”.

Read more here.

After graduating from RMITs Animation and interactive media course in 2016 Ive gone on to work on multiple professional animation projects, as well as personal ones in my spare time. Read more here.

Jarrad Wright

(The Big Lez Show)


Jarrad Wright is a creator of The Big Lez Show and The Mike Nolan Show alongside his friends who helped with writing Tom Hollis and Izak Whear.

Jarrad directed, wrote, voice acted and animated for the majority of both series.

Read more here.

Jason Pamment is an author and illustrator based in Adelaide, South Australia. His debut graphic novel, Treasure in the Lake, will be released on September 7th 2021, published by HarpeAlley (North America) and Allen & Unwin (Australia/NZ.) For the past decade or so he’s been designing award winning animated short films, commercials, music videos, TV shows and video games. Read more here.

Sick, twisted, smart and all Pro! See more here.

Jonathan Nix is an award winning Animator / Composer based in Sydney Australia. Jonathan is fond of antique mechanical devices, and likes to go surfing when the stars align. Plays several instruments, including the Banjo, with varying degrees of skill. Distrusts the modern world, and can’t help but feel shopping malls are tangible proof the end of civilization is approaching. Read and see more here.

Hey I’m Jonny,

I create weekly animated shorts using Ebsynth and Flipa Clip.

I won’t tell you to smash like and subscribe but if you want to gently press like and subscribe I m on board with that.

Leave a comment and have a chat.

Josiah Brooks aka “Jazza”


Josiah Alan Brooks (born 20 April 1989), known online as Jazza is an Australian YouTuber, artist, animator, and presenter best known for his art tutorials, challenges, and animations. As of February 2021, his channel has over 1 billion total video views and 5.4 million subscribers.

Read more here.

I spent hours as a young girl watching my father create illustrations for stories in the ‘Woman’s Weekly’. I watched him mix colours and lay beautiful washes on pencil drawings. I learnt all about making pictures that tell stories. When I grew up it was only a small step for me to imagine making ‘moving pictures’ that tell my own stories. Read more here and here.

Lucinda Clutterbuck


“I am an artist and animator. I create wearable art from characters who appear across my paintings, animation and merchandise… I love diversity so I do a lot of different stuff.” Read more here.

Madeleine Rorke aka Madimation Animation:


Madeleine Rorke is an animator, artist and illustrator from Melbourne, recently graduated from studying animation and the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). She primarily works in the medium of 2D animation but has also done some 3D, stop motion, charcoal and paper animations. Her love of animation was always apparent but didn’t try animating until year 12, which resulted in her short animation “Mon Ami.” Read more here.

Sydney based animator/motion graphics artist, Marcus Graham. Working on a TBA animated pilot. @mgproductions2007

Marieka Walsh is a Director, Screenwriter and Animator living in Dharawal Country (South Sydney, Australia). Marieka has received five Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (AACTA) nominations as well as two Australian Director’s Guild (ADG) nominations. In 2013 her film THE HUNTER, won several international awards as well as an AACTA for Best Short Animation. Read more here.

Marjo Stroud

I hold an MA in International Relations, a Graduate Certificate in Public Administration, a Prof Certificate in Film Making, and a BA in Social Anthropology. Through this training I have a good overview of organisational development and community development practice. Read more here.

Mark Gravas

(Kapow Studios)


Mark Gravas (born 29 September 1966) is an Australian animator, director and producer. He is the creator/director of Yakkity Yak (2002/2003), an Australian/Canadian co-production. Mark co-owns Sydney based media production company Kapow Pictures with his partner Sandra Walters. Mark Gravas directed the 2005 animated film Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie, He also designed and directed the 2006 Cartoon Network production of Casper’s Scare School. Gravas also co-owns the creative company Kapow Pictures, based in Sydney, Australia.

Read more here.

Hello! I started my art career at Disney in Sydney about 13 years ago. Back then everything started with a pencil and the most technical thing you had to figure out was the electric sharpener. Now many years later in the this digital age most of my art still starts with a pencil.
My influences are old mad comics, Sci fi movies from the eighties and my 7 year old son.
See more here.

Matteo is an award winning artist & filmmaker from Perth, WA. His work often experiments with different artistic styles which have been featured on ABC TV, Channel 31 in Melbourne and around the world. His artistic themes mostly center around Australian culture & quirky surrealism, and is currently developing a feature film that works with this style.

Fans of Australian comedy would recognise Matteo’s art from comedian Lewis Spears through merchandise and his comedy special DVD & Vinyl LP.

His latest satirical comedy series One Nation: The Animated Series was produced just as the virus hit in March 2020, there have been many real life events the creative team were surprised to have predicted over a year later, which makes it an interesting watch given the original upload dates. The show is yet to be completed with a finale episode still in the works. Matteo continues to work on his craft and drink beer at a bar.

You can follow Matteo’s work on his socials listed below:

Insta: @teomazzella / Tiktok: @teomazzella / Youtube: eatcarumbah

Melanie Brunt – Feather films:


Melanie Brunt is a multi-award winning producer of curious, character-driven short films across fiction, animation and documentary categories through her company Feather Films. Her films, including The Orchestra, Dugong and Lessons From The Night have won over 50 awards, screened at 150+ festivals; including Sundance, Tribeca, Karlovy Vary, Edinburgh, Palm Springs International ShortFest, Aspen Shortsfest, Sitges Film Festival and AFI Docs (formerly Silverdocs) and have been nominated for 4 AFI/AACTA Awards (Australia’s Oscars). Read more here.

Michael Cusack


Michael Cusack is an Animator, Filmmaker, and Creator of cartoons such as Koala Man, Damo & Darren, YOLO and Bushworld Adventures.

Read more here.

Michael Leunig (born 2 June 1945), typically referred to as Leunig (his signature on his cartoons), is an Australian cartoonist, poet, artist, philosopher and cultural commentator. His best known works include The Curly Pyjama Letters, cartoon books The Essential Leunig, The Wayward Leunig, The Stick, Goatperson, Short Notes from the Long History of Happiness and Curly Verse, among others and The Lot, a compilation of his ‘Curly World’ newspaper columns. Leunig has also written a book of prayers, When I Talk To You. He was declared an Australian Living Treasure by the National Trust of Australia in 1999. Though technically not an animator, Michael’s art was turned into animation with the help of Brian Brown and Freerange Animation.

Read more here.

Since graduating with a Masters in Animation, I’ve worked in the film and animation industry – mostly as a director and independent filmmaker. My films are internationally renowned and have received numerous awards and distinctions. Read more here.

Nicholas Kallincos


Nick completed his Ph.d in Biochemistry in 1994 and worked as a research scientist for a number of years before leaving science to pursue his art practice. He is a self-taught painter who has exhibited his work widely within Australia. In 2000 Nick received a graduate diploma in Animation and Interactive Multimedia at RMIT University and since this time has worked as a freelance artist/illustrator/animator in Melbourne. Read more here.

Nicholas Tory

Nicholas Tory is an award-winning Artist, Artistic Director, Designer and Project Director. A graduate of Sydney College of the Arts’ Electronic and Temporal Arts studio, Nicholas collaborates with artists, technicians, engineers, animators and designers, to develop a multi-disciplinary practise producing a range of site specific collaborative art projects including sculptures, installation, light-based art, and animated films. Nick has spent the past 20 years working with artistic production teams on a wide range of world class projects. Over the past 10 years, Nick’s art practice has developed with a key focus on creating work that combines traditional artistic methods with new and old technology, to create relatable Public artwork. Read more here.

Nick Simpson graduated from RMIT Melbourne in 2014 with an Animation degree. His final year film Eye You played at a number of festivals around the world, including Sommets, Glas, Anifilm and the Melbourne International Animation Festival. See more here.

Hi, I work in comics, illustration, animation, painting and sculpture. I’m based in sydney and I like orange. See more here.

Reid McManus:

“Reid McManus is an Australian Animator who is obsessed with the weird, strange and wonderful.” Find out more here.

Animator. Animal enthusiast. Perpetual student. See more here.

Robert Stephenson


I live in Melbourne, Australia and have worked as an animation teacher at VCA Film and Television, the University of Melbourne, as an animator and cartoonist for short film production, advertising and educational publications and as a storyboard artist for a few live action productions for film and television. Read more here.

Robertino is a Filipino-Australian director and designer with over 15 years experience working in film, animation and design between Sydney, New York and Silicon Valley. Read more here.

Rosemary is a 2D animator, designer and illustrator. Rosemary is primarily interested in pre-production and taking an idea and building its foundations through research, design and storyboarding. These skills have radically developed over the past year whilst working on her graduate film, ‘GNT’, along-side Sara Hirner.

My name is Rosalie Osman and I’m an animator based in Melbourne, Australia. With a passion for character animation, I work with a variety of media and methods to produce quality 2D animation for film, tv and digital media. Read more here and see more here.

Ryan Maddox aka MiddleFingerRings



“My obsession with visual arts began at an early age. Probably since the first time I picked up a pencil! I became interested in animation in primary school, drawing frame-by-frame animations in a rudimentary piece of software called Animation Shop Pro. In high school I saved up enough to buy Flash, a more sophisticated 2D animation program. My creations became increasingly elaborate and ambitious, and before long I knew that filmmaking would become the driving force in my career. I followed through by undertaking a Bachelor of Digital Media degree at UNSW Art & Design. It was there that I began my journey into 3D visual effects. I landed an internship at a boutique studio in Sydney, where I greedily absorbed as much knowledge as possible. Soon I had a job at Method Studios, and later Alt.vfx where I was thrust straight into the deep end of photoreal visual effects for high-end clients.”

Read more here.

My name is Sally Barclay and i’m an illustrator, animator and toonboom harmony rigger living and working in Melbourne. I’m a lover of all things animation as well as a big fan of creatures and monsters. See more here.

Sam Morrison aka Wab_Logic:


Gently disturbed art and animations. Originally from the blue mountains, Sam Morrison is an artist, animator and musician who currently resides in Melbourne.

Wab_Logic on Instagram and facebook

Sara is an artist, 2D animator and graphic designer. Sara is interested in storytelling and ideas. She enjoys the fast-paced, iteration based side of pre-production and development. She has animated for clients such as FACS, Societel and Freelancer.

Sarah Watt

No website available 😦

Sarah Ann Watt (30 August 1958 – 4 November 2011) was an Australian film director, writer and animator. Her student film “Catch of the Day” was to reflect the style of future work. In 1995, she directed a short film, Small Treasures, which won Best Short Film at the Venice Film Festival.

Read more here.

Scott Collopy aka “Scollop”


“Kicking back on public property, watching the world go by, if loitering was a drug I’d be a god damn addict.”

“I’ve been working in the Australian animation industry for going on 3 years now. After I graduated from RMIT University, I started my career working at 12Field Animation on “The Strange Chores”, a 26 x 11 minute TV series for ABC Australia. Following this I’ve worked numerous freelance jobs for web series (Goo Jit Zu), promotional content (Fallout Shelter: Online), music videos (for clients such as Sagun and Surfaces), an as of yet unreleased feature film, and a new animated series for [CONFIDENTIAL MEDIA CONGLOMERATE].” Read more here.

I am a bit of an animation all rounder. I naturally gravitate towards Episodic Directing but I also have experience in Line/Series Producing, 2D Animation, Design, Storyboarding and Editing. I’m a huge fan of collaboration and process/pipeline discussions get me excited. Read more here.

Sebastian Fowler:


Sebastian Fowler is an animator and illustrator living and working on Wurundjeri land in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia.

Aside from this site, you can see Seb’s work at:
Visit my shop on Redbubble

Contact sebfowler {at} gmail {dot} com

Shaun Tan (born 1974) is an Australian artist, writer and film maker. He won an Academy Award for The Lost Thing, a 2011 animated film adaptation of a 2000 picture book he wrote and illustrated.

Read more here.

Sophie Ash:

Explore Sophie Ash

Sophie Ash is a Melbourne/Naarm based animator and artist. Much of her work is inspired by her strong emotional experiences training and competing as an elite athlete on the Australian Ski Team. Read more here.


Homeless Australian who just wants to make dumb cartoons.

I make art, animations & also bad tweets. See more here.

From their humble beginnings in 2012, Stepmates Studios has become an award-winning animation studio producing 2D, motion graphics, and VFX for commercial, TV, film, and online audiences. When they’re not producing killer original animated series or knee-slapping podcasts – they work with clients to create branded content that slaps!

“We don’t discriminate on brand size. We partner with small players, and industry powerhouses. All we care about are telling compelling stories with distinct design and striking animation. Unlike some other animation studios, Stepmates Studios will never outsource your project to an overseas sweatshop. We’ll never inflate costs to satisfy drug and gambling addictions. And we’ll never hide subliminal messages designed to compel children to engage in terrorist activity. That’s not just our point of difference. That’s the Stepmates Guarantee.”

Steven Harris:

Magic Steven is an artist based in Naarm/Melbourne who makes ink drawings and animated videos, as well as doing live performances from time to time. See more here.

As we head into the commercial wasteland that is the 21st Century one thing becomes clear: everything is terrifying. Our aim with Struthless is to bring more imagination, humour and creativity into this increasingly bleak timeline. We do this through stories, movies, clothing, books, and art. Behind this work is Felicity Handley and Campbell Walker. Read more here.

I’m Thomas Schulz. More importantly  I am a Motion Graphics Artist and Animator. I love blending both 2D and 3D Graphics to create eye catching worlds that engage an audience and keep them wanting to know more about what is happening on screen. See more here.

Tim Andrews aka Pacific Rock Animation


“I have been working in Animation, Illustration and Video Production for over 15 years. I’ve been a 2D animator on television productions for Disney and Nickelodeon, and local Australian TV shows and films, as well as some experience in storyboarding work on Dreamworks productions. 2D cut-out animation using Toon Boom Harmony is my specialty. As well as my own projects, Glen At Work and Nurry Brothers Adventure World, I have created content for Western Sydney University, done video and animation work for the Parramatta Eels, illustrated books, and I also have experience illustrating for Hillsong, Anglican Youthworks and other Christian organisations. I enjoy writing comedy, puppetry, bushwalking, watching Rugby League, and going on adventures with my beautiful wife and 4 kids.”

I’m a freelance animator, illustrator and storyboard artist from Perth Western Australia. I work with Toonboom Harmony, Storyboard pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Animate, Premier Pro and sometimes a pencil and some paper. Read more here.

I’m a Storyboard Artist Specialising in Comedy and Cartoony Animation. Storyboard Artist on @spongebob and creator of Little Lenny. See more here.

Toby Zoates is an Australian artist working in the mediums of painting, film, animation, writing, comics, and cartooning. Most importantly, virtually all of Toby’s art is devoid of the usual art-world middlemen. Instead Toby’s art travels straight from mind, to finished form, then finally to a public space – Such as the streets of cities, the insides of nightclubs, and the walls of squats and independent venues.

Pop art presented straight to the populace.

Vishus Productions

Vishus Productions (VP) is a boutique, multi-award winning animation house, established by Luke Jurevicius in 2004 with a mantra to create “beautiful things”. VP has created, produced and developed animated content for film, television, online games and virtual reality. Read more here.



Offensively insightful…

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